Supply Chain Selection

With the questions asked in this document we are trying to establish a supply chain with fewer,
better, more cost-effective suppliers, whilst ensuring the materials and services from suppliers are
delivered with the best health and safety, quality and minimum environmental impact.

From this questionnaire we hope to establish the following

  • Health and Safety Commitment
  • Environmental Impact and Commitment
  • Quality Assurance
  • General Aspects (Performance and Delivery)

    Company Details

    Relevant Contacts within the organisation

    Key Contact - 1

    Key Contact - 2

    Key Contact - 3

    Key Contact - 4

    Company Details continued


    Insurance Information

    State types of cover held and limit of indemnity

    Quality, Environmental and Safety Information

    Please forward certificates for relevant sections





    Further or Relevant Information


    We hereby certify that the information given is in good faith and that any information provided will be further substantiated if required.

    Please ensure all sections are completed and that any sections which are not relevant to your company are marked with N/A where applicable. If you require any clarification or help in completing this questionnaire please contact either Mr Colm McAleer or Mr Paul Cardwell on 0151 644 1559.