Bromborough Works

In August 2014, Capital Reinforcing commenced work on our new £3.5m pound Rebar Production facility at a former derelict Unicema Plant in Bromborough which had lay to waste for some years. We had purchased the site from a developer who had a master plan for the entire site to mix a new housing development with a new business park which is in keeping with the local councils plan to integrate business and social housing within the area.

The new site was of strategic interest to the business as it was only 20 metres away from Mersey Wharf Port and within a few miles of Peel Ports in Liverpool which allowed us to access rebar stocks with minimal transport costs.

We had been heavily involved in the design of the building to ensure that we have maximum operational efficiencies to match the investment in new modernised production machinery which will ultimately ensure we increase our production strength and cut lead times for our customers.

The management team at Capital Reinforcing managed the project from start to finish, ensuring that planning was achieved right through to bringing in sub-contractors for all the relevant specialised areas to complete the facility.

Some twelve months after starting the project we have one of the most modernised rebar production facilities in the UK, capable of producing well over 4000 tonnes of processed rebar per month.

Machinery Capabilities

Along with our new facility we have invested heavily in new modernised rebar processing equipment to handle high volumes but give perfect accuracy and high consistency. The new machinery in the new factory all come with World Interface Systems which allows us to send orders directly from the production office into the machines which eliminates operator input error. This system ensures that we have control over what each machine produces and therefore ensures each customer’s order is being produced in time to meet the required delivery dates.

Due to the modern automated process we can now produce shapes which before seemed impossible and the interface system on the machine will even allow us to draw complex shapes on and the machine will tell us if they can produce them or not. We have also invested in some machinery which will also allow us to process rebar in 3D shapes which decreases the amount of time we need to produce standard chairs and other traditional two process 3D shapes.

If you feel you have a complex project you want to discuss with us we can invite you to our facility and discuss and even show you samples of any shapes you wish to produce.