Capital Building

Capital Reinforcing was founded in 2004 by the Managing Director and owner Dermot Owens. In establishing the Company, Dermot brought with him over 20 years’ experience in the steel reinforcement fixing Industry and over the years has built a management team and facilities to match his ambitions. Capital Reinforcing have recently invested in a new £3.5m facility in Bromborough, Wirral, Merseyside which also included the modernisation of all the machinery. To see our facility click here
Our company operate a quality management system which incorporates the UK CARES requirements and ISO 9001:2009 as a joint system. This ensures product conformity and an excellent customer service. We are also accredited for ISO 14001 by UK CARES in our Bromborough depot.
Capital Reinforcing are capable of producing over 4000 tonnes of cut and bent steel Reinforcing Bar per month. We also are able to supply decoiled, straightened and cut to length high tensile and mild steel reinforcing bar from 6mm – 40mm for the concrete products industry.
Capital Reinforcing use Steelpac Rebar Factory Management programme which gives us a live update on all our customers’ orders, allowing us to check rebar schedules for errors, print tags, cutting lists, shipping lists and tags for reinforcing mesh and accessories. We are also able to utilise this system to manage each of our customers’ orders to ensure the delivery date we have given is easily achieved.
In addition, this system also allows us to scan each order off on site and GPS co-ordinates where the rebar has been left at site. This allows the customer to section out the steel when coming of the truck just by checking the pre-agreed tag location on each bundle. Please ask for more information if required.